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Client Testimonials

A sample of feedback about Debbie’s value as a Business Coach:

“I wanted to pass on how enthused our CEO was after the last time you met up. He was on top form and said he got so much out of the session”

HR Director EMEA

“I didn't realise how much I lived my life by that one maddening belief until today. …Thank you for helping me to see it and change it”

Sales Manager UK.

“I’ve done a lot of thinking about our conversation as it was probably one of my most interesting/ rewarding days I’ve had in the company”

Development Director Europe.

A Sample of Feedback about Debbie’s Training Delivery:

“I enjoy her training as it helps me to push my boundaries”

Marketing Manager UK.

“The best training I have received – firm but to the point, makes me think about the areas I need to work on”

Store Manager Men's Apparel UK.

“Excellent session. I feel I can take back some skills and improve relationships in my store”

Retail Manager; Luxury Fashion Brand UK.

“A big thank you for yesterdays training. It was great with much to think about and act on”

General Manager, Ireland.

“Debbie was very inspirational and fun”

District Manager European Retailer.


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